X-4-LED SERIES (4-Pin)

Littlite X-4-LED Series Gooseneck Light

X-4-LED SERIES (4-Pin)

12X-4-LED: 12 inch (30.48 cm) gooseneck.
18X-4-LED: 18 inch (45.72 cm) gooseneck.
24X-4-LED: 24 inch (60.96 cm) gooseneck.

The following models are configured for use on Midas Venice consoles. Insert pins are rotated 180 degrees to orient the light correctly when positioned over the desk.
12X-4-LED-180: 12 inch (30.48 cm) gooseneck.
18X-4-LED-180: 18 inch (45.72 cm) gooseneck.
24X-4-LED-180: 24 inch (60.96 cm) gooseneck.

Wattage: 1.5.Watts
Draw @ 12V: 150 mA
Light Output: 398 Lux
Color Temperature: 4000K
Color Rendering: 85 Ra
Average Life @ 12V: 60,000 Hours

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