Littlite Medical Cart/Cabinet Solutions

Littlite Medical Cart/Cabinet

Littlite Medical Cart/Cabinet Solutions

We have provided task lights for some top manufacturers of medical carts. Our lights can be found on many different brands of medical workstation on wheels in hospital and rehab facilities around the world. Littlite’s LED task lighting offer night nurses the flexibility to work at their hospital computer carts with minimal disturbance to the patient and reduced eye strain.  Littlites also increase the versatility of any hospital computer cart.  With the low energy draw of 150 mA, our standard LED lights make little demand on the battery.

We have an engineering team that will work with any size OEM to customize our lights to the application, whether it’s for a few lights or a few thousand lights. All Littlite task light products are designed and manufactured in Michigan facility enabling us to respond quickly and our “solution based” focus result in clean answers for our customer’s task lighting problems.   

Littlites have been around for 40 years and have the reputation for being the light of choice in the entertainment technology industry.  Our rugged, high-quality lights were originally designed to withstand the rigors of touring on the road.  We are so confident they are going to last that we offer a limited lifetime warranty.

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