Anser Automotive Lights

ANSER Automotive LED Lights by Littlite

Anser Automotive Lights

TB Series:
 Top Mount Gooseneck-Bottom Mount Cord
AN-TB12-LED-AW  12" Gooseneck (30.48cm)
AN-TB18-LED-AW  18" Gooseneck (45.72cm)
AN-TB24-LED-AW  24" Gooseneck (60.96cm )

EB Series: End Mount Gooseneck-Bottom Mount Cord
AN-EB12-LED-AW  12" Gooseneck (30.48cm)
AN-EB18-LED-AW  18" Gooseneck (45.72cm)
AN-EB24-LED-AW  24" Gooseneck (/60.96cm)

At Full Output:
Power Supplied        Current Drain          Watts
5 volts                        300 mA                 1.5 w
12 volts                      180 mA                 2.2 w
24 volts                        90 mA                 2.2 w
28 volts                        75 mA                 2.1 w

Dimmed down to 0:
5 to 24v supply, 4 mA or less drain.

Light Output: 795 Lux
Color Temperature: 3100K
Color Rendering: 90+ Ra
Average Life @ 12V: 60,000 Hours

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