LED-3-UV Automotive Lights


Littlite LED-3-UV lights feature a 365 nm UV LED along with a white LED and a red LED. The light can be switched from UV mode to white or red mode making the light perfect for checking security watermarks on currency, ID cards and credit cards and doubling as a standard task light to illuminate reading materials, cash registers, etc.


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Littlite UVV

NEW Littlite UVV Reader

The Littlite UVV document viewer is a compact lighting device for viewing and verifying driver’s licenses, currency, credit cards, passports, ID Cards and other documents that have ultra-violet light reactive markings. A slide switch selects bright or dim white light, red light or UV light. The UVV can also function as a compact lamp for reading or other tasks in its immediate area.

The compact UVV can be mounted to a flat area of any vertical, angled or horizontal surface and is folded flat when not in use. Color is selected via the finger touch slide selector. When the UVV unit opened the light turns on.

Folded Size: 3.5” W x 2.5” H x .375”  plus power cord on right side
Power: 5 to 24 volts. 200 milliamps or less
Output: UV: 365 nanometer wavelength
               White (High): 150 fc lumens/4000K
               White (Low): 500 fc lumens/4000K
               Red: 625 nM

UVV includes cable connector for hardwiring into a 12 Volt power source.

Limited Lifetime Warranty
Made in the USA

LED-3-UV Automotive Task Lights

L-5/12-LED-3-UV: LED-3-UV lampset with 12" end mount gooseneck. 
L-5/18-LED-3-UV: LED-3-UV lampset with 18" end mount gooseneck. 

L-9/12-LED-3-UVLED-3-UV lampset with 12" top mount gooseneck.
L-9/18-LED-3-UV: LED-3-UV lampset with 18" top mount gooseneck.


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