Littlite Industries


Manufacturers seeking a high-quality, US made gooseneck task light rely on Littlite products to add value and functionality to their products. Whether it is one of our standard products or a custom configuration, Littlite can provide a solution for the most challenging lighting problems.

Some of the applications that incorporate Littlites include:

Public Safety Vehicles
Medical Cart/Cabinet Lighting Solutions
Inspection Lights
Circuit Board Inspection Lights
Flight Simulators
Military Vehicles
Marine Chart Lights
Control/Command Consoles
Motion Picture Camera Lens Light
Industrial Machine Work Light
FAA Control Towers
Hotel Reading Lights
Field Tech Cases

Littlites are renown for their durability. Our wide range of products and accessories coupled with our small footprint and mounting options makes Littlite a perfect alternative to large and bulky task lights.

If you have a lighting issue requiring a compact gooseneck task light, contact a representative at our factory and see what we can do for you.

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Littlite Public Safety Products

For over thirty years, Littlite’s commitment remains to design flexible, precision interior lighting products providing an additional element of safety to the men and women who serve in our military and public safety departments.    

The need for a more direct, flexible, glare reducing passenger compartment light source for use in public safety vehicles was first used in the 1970's. The additional officer safety benefit provided by these lights in lieu of illuminating the passenger compartment with the factory dome light added to their overall value.

Littlite's lengthy history in other markets and its reputation for designing the most reliable task light available  made it the preferred map light for public safety vehicles nationwide. Many of our core products were distributed by a nationally respected manufacturer of emergency products for nearly thirty years.

In 2018 we released our newest map light with Ultra-Violet (UV) LED technology in response to the recent U.S. Government mandated REAL-ID law. This law requires UV embedded markings onto photo ID cards and newer currency that can only be seen with a UV light source. Our new map lights can be ordered with all three types of LED's on a single model in various lengths and mounting applications

Littlite Medical Cart/Cabinet Solutions

For over a decade Littlite has been increasing patient comfort in hospital rooms. Anyone who has ever spent time in a hospital knows the discomfort of overhead lights turned on while you are sleeping.

Hospital technicians need to illuminate their work space with minimal disruption and discomfort to the patients. A durable task light is the solution.

Several manufacturers have addressed this problem by integrating Littlites into rolling medical carts and wall mount nurse stations.

Why Littlite?
Compact - East to install in small, confined spaces.

Flexible - Light output can be adjusted and focused where it is needed eliminating unwanted glare and shadows.

Energy Efficient - LEDs have minimal power draw for use with cart batteries.

With over 300 configurations, we have a solution for any task lighting application.


Littlite ANSER Inspection Light

The Littlite ANSER was designed to meet the requirments from users searching for a compact, high powered affordable inspection and microscope light. The ANSER produces a strong, warm white light output that remains consistent in color temperature during extended use.

The ANSER is available in our lampset configurations for applications requiring a mountable task light and in our desk light configurations for a free standing work light. Both configurations include a full range LED dimmer control.      

Littlite Circuit Board Inspection Light

Improve efficiency and productivity using the Littlite ANSER Task Light for manufacturing & quality inspection of circuit boards. The ANSER provides strong illumination in a compact, easy to position gooseneck light. Available in our standard ANSER model or in the SPOT model for a tighter light pattern. All ANSER models feature a smooth operating, full range dimmer allowing the user to adjust the light output as required.