Littlite Mission Statement

CAE Incorporated
Mission Statement

CAE helps entertainers bring enjoyment to peoples’ lives through the application of technology to
entertainment lighting. CAE helps people who must work in low light environments by supplying efficient, unobtrusive task lighting instruments.

We are building a company that will survive and thrive in the long term, as we continue to develop and maintain the capacity to enable the rapid development, marketing, manufacturing and service of leading edge entertainment and task lighting products, in accordance with our vision.
We do this by designing, building and marketing innovative, high quality, reasonably priced product.

To accomplish this we must set the PACE! We must be:

PROFITABLE so we can attract the capital needed to research and develop new products and
technologies, operate properly, and share profits with employees.

AGILE so we can quickly capitalize on new technology, new needs and advanced concepts and AWARE
of our market and of developing technologies, and of new opportunities.

CONSIDERATE of employee’s needs so we can attract and retain the best, and maintain a pleasant,
cooperative, and fulfilling work environment, and CONSCIOUS of our values and their application of all of our pursuits.

EFFICIENT so we can be both competitive and profitable.

We strive to satisfy our customers needs for excellent product and great service.
We work to maintain an organization that:

Is healthy and profitable
Treats its employees well and with respect, and its customers fairly
Rewards hard work and dedication to our mission
Provides opportunities for employees to grow for their own and the company’s benefit
Contributes to our community
Is easy on the environment


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